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"I met Vanessa Bamford in July 2015 and we connected immediately. At that time, I was looking for a forward thinking and highly professional accountant who could manage the tax accounting and legal requirements of both of my businesses and myself as an individual.

Our first appointment, very much established the foundations upon which our business relationship has continued to grow. The Team at VISION BEYOND BUSINESS has guided me through the transition of my real estate file from previous accountants, ensuring that my business history was accurately recorded and setup as an ongoing entity. They helped me to establish my 2nd business, a self-contained accommodation home in Gawler, from both a business set-up and tax perspective. I find VISION BEYOND BUSINESS very responsive to my needs as a client, very current in their fields of expertise and more than willing to answer any questions I may have, no matter the importance.
I recommend VISION BEYOND BUSINESS to anyone looking for a 1 on 1 business consulting company, who listens to and delivers for their clients.
Karen Vial Blythman

"I met with Vanessa last week to discuss the direction of my business and my accounting needs. 

Now Vanessa may be a trained accountant, but I need to tell you, she’s not just an accountant…

I met with Vanessa last week to discuss the direction of my business and my accounting needs. Vanessa is a ‘Business Strategist’ that can work with you to forecast your business directions, projected income, profits, staffing requirements, required systems, recommended marketing and promotions and of course the best ways for you to work within the ATO legislation. The Vision Beyond Business tag line is: Our Passion is your Business! Which is 100% accurate. Vanessa seeks to understand your business philosophy, its goals and vision and assists you on how to get there. She made multiple beneficial recommendations in our first meeting and I have absolutely no hesitation to hand my Accounting and Business Strategy needs over to her capable hands. I look forward to many years of growing the business together.
So if you’ve not already had her meet with you to discuss your business needs, what are you waiting for?
Carrie Faggotter
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My wife and I own and run 3 businesses between us.

We had been receiving help to “prepare” our tax but have never seen an actual accountant.

We found out we had been doing a number of things incorrectly. The crew at Vision Beyond Business were absolutely amazing AND so, so patient. They basically made learning a new language easy and hassle free and actually cared about how things were progressing.

If you go anywhere else you are doing yourself a disservice.

We have found our accounting home.
Mark and Renee Dutton

"I have been in business for over 15 years and used several accounting firms. I changed almost yearly as I never felt like anyone ever actually looked at my business and what I could do to optimise my income.

Then, six years ago, I found Vanessa and her wonderful team at Vision Beyond Business. Vanessa took the time to have an in depth look at my business. Within the first 12 months she had restructured my finances and my immediate return was far greater than her professional fees. Since then I have developed my relationship with her team and Vision Beyond Business now handles the entire financial side of my business; from expenses, book keeping, reporting, payroll and taxes they handle the lot. This not only frees up my time to concentrate on the rest of the business but also to spend more time with my true passion, my family. The entire team at Vision Beyond Business are professional and friendly with attention to detail that is second to none.
I have the utmost trust and faith that my business financials are in the best hands and would recommend Vanessa and her team to anyone.
Bryce Sturman

"Part of any business strategy is its financial strategy. Keightley Electrical Services, like many businesses, didn’t have an in-house financial manager and we turned to Vanessa Bamford and her team to provide us with a “CFO for hire”.

Over many years VB Business worked with us to establish financial reporting metrics that mattered to us and assisted in establishing accounting procedures that captured the right data efficiently and accurately.
As a result the company always had the right performance information on hand.
The value of this can’t be understated.
In terms of style, the company was always supportive, forward-looking and responsive.
They were considered partners of the company, not suppliers.
Justin Adams
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"Vision Beyond Business' unofficial vision is to grow - grow the capabilities of their team and grow their clients businesses. The vision comes out in every interaction with the team at Vision Beyond Business."
Roger Bennett

"You were amazing to me, and so helpful. You always go the extra mile & out of your way, even in your own time.

Your business I know from experience is more than just doing business. You were helping me before you re branded your business but you were already practicing it then. You were a business mentor back then with such a passion to help me succeed :).
I am very grateful
Thank you
Betina Piribauer

I believe she displayed the highest levels of commitment, professionalism and respect for the role and I found her contribution to the team truly inspiring, especially considering it was a volunteer position!

I believe she displayed the highest levels of commitment, professionalism and respect for the role and I found her contribution to the team truly inspiring, especially considering it was a volunteer position!
While I have not personally engaged the services of Vision Beyond Business, I am aware that many members within the business group actively referred their clients, friends and family to her company.
Simon Derrick-Roberts
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"I have found your service to be of the highest quality, with the expertise to suit my business needs. The work you have performed has ensured that I have a better understanding of my business and also helped me progress in the accounting of the daily processes needed."
Anthony Kruimel

" The Vision Beyond Business team have been a vital part of keeping my business on track.

Everyone there is patient and professional and I’ve been able to turn to them on many occasions for advice and guidance. The personal touch I get is most important to me, I know that they genuinely care about the success of my business.
I’ll never go without this service.
Lauren McNamee

“I have enjoyed working with Vanessa on various client matters over the past few years.

Vanessa’s approach is refreshing, dynamic and precise. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa for business support, financial management and accounting assistance.”
Matthew Andruchowycz

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