Why failure is so important in business

Why failure is so important in business

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In my view, something is not a failure just because it did not succeed.

It simply becomes another lesson in the “Small Business DIY Program”.

I truly believe we learn very little from our success in business and everything from the challenges and failures.

Failure keeps you modest, it rips you off any pedestal you think you might be standing on, and pulls you hard to the ground to remind you to stay humble.

Failure also makes you:

  • Be your more authentic self, by helping you realise you don’t need to hide behind smoke and mirrors or plaster ‘everything’s perfect’ smiles across your face.
  • Not give a f$@k what others think, because when you’ve experienced that much pain there’s not a lot more that can get thrown at you. What’s important is knowing what you’ve done wrong and taking steps to fix it.
  • A better leader by teaching you how your weaknesses can be used against you, and how your strengths can be your superpower.
  • Learn how to make your clients happier, by learning from the mistakes that led to unhappy customers in the past.
  • Better with money, because experiencing financial distress is a great motivator to ensure you recognise the signs sooner and prevent it happening again.
  • A better human, from learning who you are at your worst, and taking steps to becoming your best.
  • Appreciate walking before you run, because when you run fast and fall, your knees will be cut open from falling hard, but when you walk and fall it’s only a graze and you can get back up quicker.

It’s time to stop being ashamed of your failures. Life has a way of repeating the same mistakes until  we realise it is teaching us what we need to learn to thrive.

I am absolutely speaking from experience here. I have had my fair share of failures and f&$k ups. Some I repeated many times and had to fall a long way down to relearn my way back up, but now I’m stronger, more resilient, more confident, more humble, and an all-round better person for learning from those failures. I’m also getting better at not giving a f@$k what others think!

So my advice to you in this “Small Business DIY Program” is to fail forward and trust that there is a lesson in everything.

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