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The "Win Win Win" Approach To Business

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In business, we’ve all heard of the “win win” situation implying two parties benefit or are accommodated. We think that whilst it’s always good to create win win situations we feel that this should go a step further and when running your business you should be focussing on the “win win win”.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, every business should be aiming for three wins:

  • A win for your customers or clients
  • A win for your staff
  • A win for your business

If it’s not a “win win win” then somebody is missing out and your business is not performing the best it can be.

For example, if it’s a win for your business and win for your customers or clients and a lose for your staff this can be detrimental. Your staff may be working too hard, not be paid enough or may be feeling disempowered. This can lead to them not feeling respected or valued enough and this can create a knock-on effect and this will ultimately affect your customers and your business.

If it’s a win for the business and win for the staff but a lose for your clients then your clients don’t feel like they are getting the satisfaction that they need from your services or products. And what happens to unhappy customers? They eventually stop being customers right?

This results in less money to pay staff and less money for the business and that spells bad news.

If it’s a win for your customers and win for your staff but a lose for the business then your customers are happy your staff are happy but are you? If you are not happy and your business is not financially viable then won’t you soon hit an emotional and mental burnout? Won’t you eventually get to a point where you wonder what it’s all for?

This is why it’s absolutely crucial that your business is adopting a “win win win” approach because if anyone is losing, then everybody is losing.

Vanessa Bamford

Director & Business Coach



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