Why Being Scared & Going Through Tough Times Is An Advantage In Business

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I was speaking to my daughter the other night about some major struggles she’s going through. She was telling me about some difficulties she was having, and expressed to me just how hard, horrible and scared she felt about it all.

While my heart was breaking for her, there was only one thing I could say, ‘The biggest thing I’ve learned is that life isn’t meant to be easy, and as hard as everything is for you right now, you’re being given a gift, an opportunity to learn, grow and be the best you. It will be hard, it’ll take a long time, it will take persistence and a bucket load of patience but I can promise you this, the most beautiful gift you’re being given is on the other side of all of that pain and we’ll give you all the support to help.”

In business and life, we have a choice to blame others, look for problems, find reasons why we can’t or even give up when things get tough or when we get scared. We can stop trying and watch as the same problems and issues keep popping up in different ways OR we can see the major opportunity being presented to us, we can step into the pain, find the support and resources we need to keep learning and growing and accept what comes with it.

It’s not easy, it takes a long time and it will feel like 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but the saying is 100% accurate that there really is NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN.

If I hadn’t felt like I was doing everything wrong in business and life, I wouldn’t have learned how to keep doing things better. If I hadn’t burned out, I wouldn’t have learned the importance of putting my well-being first and listening to my body. If I hadn’t felt an imbalance, I wouldn’t know the joy and importance of balance.

One thing I hear most from business owners or people thinking about setting up a business is how scared they are of the unknown and the decisions ahead of them. Being scared of doing something is a sign that an opportunity awaits us. It shows us that there’s something there to think about, to learn from, to get support and resources to do it. Being scared isn’t a sign not to, it’s a sign that there’s a massive discovery on the other side of it and we just need to be patient with the process.

But, here’s my disclaimer because don’t get me wrong because it’s not easy. It requires grit and you need persistence but most of all it requires support! Not just any support, but the right support, the right team, the right customers, the right core business support team, mentors, coaches, consultants and most of all amazing friends and family that give you support and pick you up when it’s just been one of those days!

So next time you're having a tough time or you are scared in business, believe me, you have a massive opportunity ahead of you.

Vanessa Bamford
Business Coach


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