Is a pay check really worth this kind of sacrifice in your pursuit for career happiness?

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Recently a couple of my team went to a networking evening with other industry professionals.

The morning after their event we were discussing how it all went. I was shocked to hear my manager tell me that a majority of the people she spoke to had one thing in common, a manager who made them feel inferior, lack confidence and a few even said that they would often leave work and cry!! I was shocked because this was my experience as a young graduate, hence why I decided after many years to create my own business centred around positive well-being.

I am astounded that our profession has not stepped forward in time!! We work in challenging, deadlined environments, surely this kind of management is only hindering staff not empowering them, or maybe it's just me and my bubble that thinks this????

Statistics show undeniably that a person will flourish and exceed in a positive environment versus an environment riddled with negativity and criticism, surely this is simple as ABC? That's not to say that it's all rainbows and butterflies either, serious conversations can be framed in constructive ways.

Isn't life tough enough without spending a majority of time with a team you feel inadequate around, a job you dislike and a company you don't believe in? Is a pay check really worth this kind of sacrifice in your pursuit for career happiness?


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