Now You Can Integrate Mailchimp & Xero

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Xero recently announced their new Xero to Mailchimp integration. It’s really exciting because now small businesses can connect their Xero and Mailchimp accounts to unify database info and their marketing efforts. You never need to worry about having to update contacts between the two systems.

Save time and work smarter not harder

As a small business owner, time is precious and the last thing you want to be doing is having to deal with spreadsheets and CSV files of your contacts and their email addresses. We know all too well that setting up email lists takes loads of time and needs constant attention and configuration. This new integration allows you to work smarter not harder and focus on what you’re good at, running your business.

Xero to Mailchimp removes painful tasks, letting you make the most of your customer information that is already recorded in Xero, making connecting your contacts a breeze!


Now you can trust your data

Keeping your contacts updated in Mailchimp can be tricky. Making sure you’ve got your contacts updated in Mailchimp can be tricky. Not anymore as the Xero to Mailchimp app makes sure your records and contacts up-to-date. For example, if one of your contact’s email address changes in Xero, this will be reflected in your mailing list in Mailchimp automatically.


It’s easy!

All you need to do is create the mailing list in Mailchimp. The integration then walks you through the simple steps before doing all the importing for you.


How do you install?

There are two main components to ensure seamless integration, a Xero premium subscription and a Mailchimp subscription.

The next step is to log into Xero, head to the App marketplace and connect the two apps. Next, you’ll need to choose the Mailchimp list you want to synchronise with Xero. All future updates in Xero to new or existing contacts will now be reflected in Mailchimp.

All the details can be found on Xero’s App Marketplace.


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