How I amplify the impact of my efforts

My Own Personal Ripple Effect: How I Amplify the Impact of My Efforts

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If you have followed me for a while, you will have noticed I often talk about impact.

That's because impact is my why.

I am incredibly passionate about working with business owners who want to make a difference and have a positive impact – on their families, their staff, their customers, and their communities.

This is my own ripple effect – by deliberately working with purpose-driven business owners, not-for-profits, and social enterprises I can amplify the impact of my efforts.

Of course it’s never easy to acknowledge our own achievements, but it gives me great pleasure to receive feedback that confirms I am having an impact, and that I am making a difference.

That’s why it truly warmed my heart to receive this in my inbox, from a colleague I respect and admire, who successfully nominated me for the Practice Ignition Top 50 Women in Accounting earlier this year.

To this person I say ‘thank you’ for recognising and reinforcing my why.

"Vanessa is outstanding as an accountant, a business owner and as a person.

The first time I met her I was impressed with the respect she showed towards me, and her wonderful sense of positivity.

We are professional associates, and so we are busy, but each time we cross paths, I am never disappointed with my interactions with Vanessa.

I met her about five years ago when I started my business, and she warmly reached out to offer me support. We connected and when I met with her at her office, I was greatly impressed with the many qualifications, displayed in her office. However, Vanessa’s humility goes before her, as she would never let on verbally how highly qualified, she is; although I think her achievements are something be celebrated.

Sometimes, we feel not only as women, but also due to many contributing factors, that we are not adequate; not good enough. We know the rhetoric. From everything I have witnessed of Vanessa, she gracefully and professionally glides through these tough thoughts to work towards her goal of helping those around her, including clients, her team, and others like myself. This has inspired me because she has also encouraged me with my goals, even though my experience and qualifications are far inferior to hers.

I know her journey has not been an easy one, (whose journey is?), but she has grown an accounting business, redesigned it and seeks continuous improvement in her field, all whilst managing staff, clients, and a family, continuing to exert positivity, a growth mindset, global thinking, and generosity towards others.

The most encouraging message I have gleaned from Vanessa, is that is no matter what your personal situation is, your goals are achievable, and you can help others at the same time. Vanessa does not neglect to support of those around her and furthermore, acknowledges their achievements.

I guess the reality is I do not know her full journey, but I have witnessed the continuity of her success, which has come with wins and losses. Vanessa is a person of high integrity and great kindness."


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