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5 ways to find the perfect Business Accountant.

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vanessa head shotYour accountant should be one of the most valuable relationships in your business.

But how can you tell if this new accountant is 'the one'?

Vanessa Bamford of Vision Beyond Business shares her 5 tips for finding the perfect accountant.

  1. They're invested

They'll ask questions about your business. You'll notice that they have a genuine interest in you, the business and the direction you're travelling in. This means they are invested and want to help your business reach its full potential.

  1. They're on the same page

They'll take in everything you say and give you answers that you understand. There is a lot of jargon in tax and accounting, but the right accountant will know how to break this down and you'll walk away with a solid understanding of the matter at hand.

  1. They have time for you

They won't ever make you feel like your business is too small to work with. You will find that they respect and communicate with you and will always be there to help.

  1. They are resourceful

They won't know everything but they will find a way to help you. Tax, accounting and business involves an ocean of information. A good accountant knows this- they will find a resource or another person that can provide a solution.

  1. They know what makes a successful business

A good accountant will have years of experience, as well as qualifications in accounting or commerce. This will give them a sound knowledge of much more than just tax, and they will be able to provide you with advice around business, systems and strategies.


Vanessa Bamford started her accounting and bookkeeping firm Vision Beyond Business in 2010, which has grown to a team of six. Her goal is to equip small to medium enterprises with the support and knowledge they need to succeed.



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