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About Us

We're Not Your Typical Accountants

Innovative and Human

We are cloud-based accountants, advisors, bookkeepers and business coaches who all have one thing in common: we know there’s so much more to you than figures on a page. As much as we love numbers (and we sure do love them!), our vision is for your business as a whole.


Your Kind of Success

We help you succeed by getting a clear understanding of not only your business, but who you are, where you want to get to, and what’s most important to you – we know those things are different for everyone. Then, we’ll use our expertise to give you the support, advice, and knowledge you need to achieve your goals by working smarter – not harder – with innovative tools and a lot less stress.


Undeniably Good

Our team is growth-focused, proactive, and passionate about helping you and your business succeed. We have the expertise to support you at every stage of your business’ development and will work with you to achieve your goals. 

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Our Team Is Your Team

Vanessa Bamford

With over 20 years of accounting and business advisory experience, Vanessa combines her impressive industry knowledge with a genuine interest in the people. 


Her strong desire to help small businesses be their best is what drives her to focus on a combination of mindset, numbers, support, and strategy. She works with business owners to uncover and deep-dive into why they do what they do, helping them to recognise and remove the obstacles that are holding them back and find smarter – not harder – ways to run their business.


A mentor, business coach, strategic business consultant, and visionary, Vanessa specialises in working with not-for-profits, social enterprises, and purpose-driven individuals. Innovative and future-focused, Vanessa empowers you with the knowledge, understanding, and confidence you need to achieve your goals and stay in business for the long run. She knows the path can sometimes be lonely too, so she’s here for you every step of the way.


Vanessa is an absolute gun at supporting people to grow, innovate, and flourish. Even clients who have been in business for decades have implemented positive changes in their businesses as a result of her insights and expertise.


When she’s not at work or spending time with her wild and crazy family, Vanessa’s a big fan of seeking out a quiet space in which to read or daydream.

Carly Thornton
Senior Tax Manager

Carly is one of those women who can keep her eye on the bigger picture while still absolutely nailing the smallest details. She might have picked up those skills while running her own master franchise for eight years, or maybe it came from her 20+ years of experience as a qualified Chartered Accountant… Either way, we’re pretty chuffed that we (and by we, we mean you!) get to benefit from them.


With an absolute passion for helping small business owners and franchisees, Carly brings more than her fair share of insights, behind-the-scenes knowledge, and hands-on experience to the table. She loves nothing more than taking on new challenges (she calls them opportunities) and, with a never-say-die attitude, she will quite happily take a leap knowing that she is completely capable of building her wings on the way down. If you’ve taken your own leap recently, or are planning on it, chances are she can help you build your wings too.


When she’s not helping look after our business or yours, you’ll probably find Carly down at Ink Espresso in Largs Bay. As it turns out, when you’re the type of person who can never say no to a good latte, success means owning your own café with your favourite barista (her partner Dani)! #coffeeontap #winningatlife

Sarah Stiles
Sarah’s one of those quietly-achieving, deep-thinking types. She loves a challenge and has really taken our growth mindset to heart, developing more over the last few years than anyone else we know. Just quietly, we wouldn’t be surprised if one day she ends up as our CEO.


Sarah excels at making the lives of our clients easier. For over 2 ½ years she’s been managing our clients’ day-to-day bookkeeping, keeping on top of their accounts payable and receivable, sorting their payrolls, paying their bills, collecting their invoices, and keeping a check on their expenses for GST purposes. Never one to rest on her laurels, she’s also expanding her knowledge by studying towards a Diploma in Accounting. 


A lover of working behind-the-scenes, Sarah is the kind of woman you want on your team. Partly because she’s a massive sweet-tooth and there’s an outside chance she’ll work for chocolate or a tasty slice of cake. But mostly it’s because you can just email everything to her and then not give it a second thought, safe in the knowledge that she’ll handle it all for you with expertise and efficiency. As our resident receipt bank champion, she is the absolute queen of bookkeeping. You’ll have no more paperwork piling up and nothing left to file – with automation as her superpower, she takes care of the lot! How good does that sound?


Kate Morgan
Office Manager
Stock, paper, scissors. It’s the office manager version of that age-old game and our Kate wins at it – Every. Single. Time! But, as important as that is, managing our office like a boss isn’t the most impressive talent Kate has.


As our existing clients would attest, Kate’s superpower is forming genuine connections and making you feel like the valued human being you are. It’s almost as if her goal in life is to personify Maya Angelou’s quote, “people will never forget how you make them feel”. She loves doing all the little extra things that make you feel welcomed every time you walk through our door and, beautiful soul that she is, she seems to have a certain knack for knowing just how to improve everyone’s day.


Kate is our client management queen and we can guarantee she’ll be one of your favourites in no time.


As for her favourites? Well, crocheting and cooking are her two forms of therapy and, if they happen to be accompanied by a glass of champagne, then they’re all the better for it!